Nature, metamorphosis and games are words that described Kalu Gryb, brand created by Carla Gryb, a young designer from La Clotide, province of Chaco.

Kalu Gryb was born with the idea of communicate a lifestyle through wearing clothes that make sense with fragment morphology, lineal and geometrical figures and asymmetrical pivot, typical characteristics from natural weave.

As a fashion brand, trimmings and textile change on the same cloth allow a coexistence between different textures, like cotton from Chaco, flax, wool and leather. The color combination is also influenced by her context: beige, white, brown, ochre, green and blue desaturated. Those who use Kalu Gry enjoy as much comfort as fashion, they really appreciate beauty in modesty, rustic and imperfect.

Kalu Gryb became one of the national emergent label at Pasarela Mapa de Diseño INTI (Design Map INTI runway) from Bafweek Autumm-Winter 2013 and became part of International London Fashion Showcase in february of 2014. With the intentions of break the muolds of the "must be" in the elements and forms, Kalu Gryb is part of a new generation of argentine designers who brings a new vision.