"Open field"

Bared soil. It sighs rising up a brown dust.

Wisely, nature announces a new cycle: the fallow land. It is time to let the soil rest after a long season of crops, renewing itself before another harvest’s period.

I walk on the ground’s surface, letting my thoughts pour with the wind that appears over the boundless horizon. I feel the cold running through me and I stop myself. I stare around me and before my eyes a wise message from the creation is revealed.

It is time to rest. The strong breeze swings the fabrics that move freely embracing lovingly this moment of calm or encounter.

In this season we choose the waistcoat as the garment whichmatches with other tipologies.

"December sun"

The calmness begins to show close to the sun…

Under the sun, the land rests and on her hard shades of figures show themselves that develan silhouettes of already empty plants. Of the soil we lift the sight towards the horizon, which is divided by a desolate line of brown dustcloud. The time of harvest has happened and reigns the silence, inaugurating a moment of quietude necessary for the renovation.

This collection is dyed of this tranquility, the serenity and the placidness being reflected in every article. There is respected the natural fall of the textiles, languid forms by transparencies, frivolous, of simple structures by a palette of colors where it predominates over the white and the nude, cocktails with gray, celestial and blue. Flax, cottons were in use - with the contribution of the cooperative Inimbo of Snare and the threads Tipoiti-, and leather in the shape of textures.

In "December sun" the clothes transform in companions of this moment of peace and invite us to rest.

"Harvest time"

It is the time, the sun decided. Rain has gone, the moment for glorious present from our land has arrived.

Birds flit dazzled by the elegance of mature buds that rise imitating clouds. Toughness in its crust and heavenly softness in its fibers. White cotton fields stand majestically and furrow land glimpsed showing her brown leaves ... It is harvest time. The collection embraces the end of this cycle of nature.

Each clothing keeps warm from cotton between its fabrics. Plain fabrics with individual forms that join together to be part of the whole, with roots from our land like poncho and chiripa. All fabrics used are from pure cotton, made in chaqueña land by Inimbo cooperative with spinning from Hiladería Tipoiti.

"Wet land fragancy"

Nothing last forever, except from the change law. This unavoidable process includes death nature and revival power. This collection is inspired by nature transition. The land, old witness from our travels, divine matrix, join us wastage of time in its fissure, each time step and her thirst for renewal. To allow land to flourish, green life, heaven has given his blood, the rain.

"Rags from a land without sap"

Nature is full of asimetry, nothing is eternal, nothing is completed or finished in nature, the idea of fullness is just an abstraction created by humans brains. ‘Rags from a land without sap’ makes references to dry land morphology, going deep through topics from Gryb roots and taking again beauty from imperfect: land fissure as drought consecuences, sun footsprints in land and in the skin of those who works with it.